Showing Love

Since having kiddos I’ve really embraced holidays. All the sudden I want décor for every single holiday and at the same time feel the pressure to be ever so intentional with each holiday. I think I even tried to start advent with my infant at one point. I quickly gave up because it was a lot of work and I could 100% tell she no clue what I was talking about.

Valentine’s day is rolling around the corner and I, of course, had to rummage through the Target dollar section to find the best of the best. I found this super cute calendar with little cards. I wrote “Things we love about Cameron” on each card with the intention of reading one card to her each day. (And yes, we have two girls, but Madelyn is 5 months old so she doesn’t get cards yet!)

Thank you Target dollar section!

It’s all super cute, festive and even intentional. The funny thing is I cannot for the life of me remember to read her a card each day. HA. I’ve literally done it once and she loved it. You’d think I’d remember.

So, here’s to a great idea that you can make it an even better by actually completing and reading the sweet notes to your kiddos!

Maybe next year I’ll be more successful 🙂

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