5 Favorite Books for Toddlers

We do a lot of reading at our house. Cameron, our two-year-old loves to read to Madelyn our six months old (fake read), I love to read to Madelyn and Brandon loves to read for leisure. I’ve rounded up our five favorite books right now. These are all so sweet and each has a special story to share with your toddler.

1. Good Night I Love You

We have been reading this book to Cameron every single night since we brought her home from the hospital. Okay, we might have missed a night or two. But you get the point. It’s a favorite around here. What I love about this book is it walks through the steps before bed (your bedtime routine). Cameron is pretty much conditioned to know that when we read this book it’s time for bed. I LOVE IT.

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2. Who Sang the First Song?

This book was gifted to us by a sweet friend and it’s also made the “we read it every night” list. The illustrations in this book are beautiful, the message is heart-warming and our toddler loves all the animals throughout the book! This would make a great gift for a friend.

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3. 1,2,3 God Made Me

Board books are always a good choice with littles. They are small, easy for their tiny hands to hold and often simple stories. 1,2,3 God Made Me is a great book that helps toddlers recognize parts of their bodies. My favorite part of this book is not everybody looks the same. You see special needs children, children with red, blonde and black hair and different ethnicities.

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4. The Quiet Book

If you are looking for a relaxing book this is it! The padded board book will soothe not only your little but also the reader! It explores the various kinds of “quiet” one of my favorites is “Riding in the car quiet”

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5. Good Good Father

There’s nothing as sweet as teaching our littles about God’s love for us. This story might be a little above a toddler’s comprehension, but the illustrations will hold their attention. This is a great book that will grow with our toddler.

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Those are our favorites right now! What are yours?  I’m always looking for great books and would love to hear some of the most read in your home.


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