What If We Change Our Mind?

It hit me the other day I haven’t introduced you to the newest member of the Stewart household. This little thing goes everywhere we go, home, school, restaurants, Trader Joe’s, church, EVERYWHERE. Let me introduce Cameron’s potty seat.

Someone once told me that it’s okay to change your mind on things. There is freedom to say, “I’ve matured, learned, grown, and now my opinion has changed.” This my friends is one of those moments. I always said I’d never carry a potty around – my child would learn to go to the bathroom like a normal adult. Well folks, I’ve been carrying this thing around for a solid month. And, I will continue to do so until my little one isn’t scared that she is going to fall into the greatest sink-hold there ever was (ie: the toilet).

So, if you see me around with an Athleta bag. Don’t be fooled. I didn’t just finish a shopping spree. It’s most likely the potty seat slightly disguised as fashionable athleisure apparel.

It’s the lovely truth,


Product Links:

Potty Seat – Go ahead and get 2, one for your house and one for when you’re on the go!

Portable Potty – You only need one of these for the back of your car.

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