5 Surprises in Motherhood

There are endless blogs and quotes about motherhood offering advice and ideas around what motherhood is. Some are funny, some are heartwarming others are a little bizarre. Even after reading and hearing so much there have still been surprises in motherhood for me. These are probably the more realistic ones, not the ones that make a cool quote. 

  1. You will get hurt. Literally. It seems like every time I turn around someone is accidentally pulling my hair, dropping a cup on my toe, not realizing their own strength and bonking me in the nose. Seriously, I think I say “owe!” more than my kids on most days. Maybe I’m a wimp? 
  2. Mom friends are essential. Having a friend in the same season of life is absolutely essential. Mom friends provide you the relief of, “I’ve been there too.” They understand what it means when we say we’re tired, worn out and missing our pre-pregnancy body.
  3. The weather will impact your day. Yes, this is a real surprise for me. If it’s a pretty day you can spend so much time outside, unload kids from the car slowly, and deal with fewer accessories (umbrellas, jackets, hats). If it’s a rainy day you are stuck inside, need to find an indoor outing (museum, Target run, children’s gym) but your kids will most likely take a long nap because it’s dark and the sound of the rain will help them sleep. I never cared about the weather so much until having kids.
  4. Deep breaths are crucial. Frustrations are inevitable how we handle them is key. Deep breaths can provide immediate relaxation from the tension you feel in the moment. This is a trick I’ve used not only for myself but also for my toddler. She can’t stand the car, so we take lots of deep breaths together during car rides.
  5. Moments matter. I’ve come to a point where I don’t enjoy the question, “How was your day?” Each day with littles is filled with tough, trying, difficult moments mixed with tender, loving, irreplaceable moments. Looking at the moments vs. the whole day will help keep the focus on the good moments instead of remembering the not-so-pretty moments.

What’s surprised you in motherhood? Sometimes it’s the things no one talks about that makes us feel alone in it. But, in reality, we’re all walking a very similar road.

It’s the lovely truth,


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