Friday Favorites: Easter Baskets with Meaning

Today is the day! The day we decorate for Easter. I absolutely LOVE decorating for holidays around here. I do it while the girls nap and when they wake up it’s like Christmas morning to see their little eyes light up when they see some simple garland hung or some bunnies on a shelf. It’s the absolute best.

Easter is just as big as Christmas around here, well I’d like it to be. Feeling the weight of Christ’s death and celebrating the joy of His resurrection is something we hope our girls grow up deeply understanding.

It’s because of this I get equally excited to put together the girls Easter baskets. Growing up we always, without fail, received a swimsuit in our Easter basket. I loved that tradition because it was a reminder that summer was coming! I think I’ll continue the swimsuit tradition with our girls as well.

Outside of swimsuits here are my favorite Easter basket gifts for littles.

Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

The title says it all. Every story whispers His name. This little Bible has taught me more than it has taught my girls at this point. Easter is the perfect time to give your toddler their first Bible. Be sure to write a note in the front to your little and always include the year.

Also, this would be a precious pregnancy announcement to grandparents. Just picture it, Easter morning and you give the soon to be grandparents a Storybook Bible. Ah makes me smile thinking about it.

If you already have the Jesus Storybook Bible then check out the Jesus Calling Bible.  This one is a little bit more “advanced” and would be great for middles (elementary school age) kiddos! 

Jesus Storybook Bible link to purchase:

Jesus Calling link to purchase:

Crew&Co Cards

Once you have the Jesus Storybook Bible you have to get these sweet cards. Created with original art and hand lettering these cards will make you smile every time you read them. Each card has a Scripture reading listed on the bottom to read from your Jesus Storybook Bible.

We like to read one card with dinner each evening then hang it up on the wall to look at all month because these are oh so pretty!  

Link to purchase cards:

Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs, this is a fun and engaging way to teach Jesus’ journey to the cross. Your littles can hold each trinket as you help paint the picture of those history-changing hours. You could get really creative on how you use these – I like the idea of having one at each place setting at Easter. What a way to engage the entire family!

Link to purchase Resurrection Eggs:

Those are my favorites, what are yours?



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