Resting in the Presence of Jesus.

Have you ever written out everything you do in a day? Literally, everything.

  • Wake up
  • Brush your teeth
  • Wake kids up
  • Brush their teeth
  • …..

You get the idea. Take this list and add in work commitments, life commitments and keeping littles or animals alive and it’s easy to see how each day is filled with fun things, mundane things and exciting things.

Now, I want you to add in +5,000 advertisements. YUP, that’s the estimated average of number of ads you’re seeing a day.

And we wonder why our minds are not “set on the things above” or why we have to purposefully make time to invite the Lord into our life on a daily basis. This. Is. Why. We have a lot on our plate, a lot of distractions and a lot of life going on around us.

How do we rest in the presence of Jesus while living in a busy world?

Understand His Word.

Notice I didn’t just say “read” that’s because I’m an auditory learner and I think Jesus is A-Okay with that! For you, you might have better comprehension when you read the Bible. Whatever works best for you, do it. Get in the Word and do what it says. The Bible is filled with encouragement, affirmation, wisdom and truth. His Word will resonate and stay top of mind when you understand what it says. And, most importantly how can we experience His Presence if we do not know who He is?

Need help understanding the Bible? Check out this book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible:

Be Still – even for a moment.

The Bible doesn’t say we need to be in a dark, quiet room in order to be still. Let go of distractions – the phone, Instagram, T.V. or dishes. Take one verse, one of the truths we know about God and sit in it. Say it more than once to yourself. Process it, believe it.  For me, I’ve found driving to be a great time to be still before the Lord. Or, sitting outside while the girls play. Sometimes being still lasts for about two minutes sometimes thirty – depends on the day!

 Pray God’s Word.

Developing a habit of praying scripture sounds harder than it is. Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word served as a beautiful example and taught me how to do this.  Full disclosure, you don’t need a book to do this, you just need your Bible and your heart. Taking scripture and incorporating it into prayers reinforces understanding of scripture and will provide an intimate connection to scripture. If this still sounds daunting simplify it – pray. Simply pray. Prayer is how we talk to God. Living in someone’s presence means communicating with them and prayer is how we communicate with God. Talk to Him and allow Him to talk back.

Beth Moore – Praying God’s Word: 

The good news? God doesn’t need us to move mountains. He wants to move them for us. He is chasing you today, begging to carry your heavy load so you can rest. In His presence we will find rest.



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