Friday Favorites: Playlist

Music speaks to my soul. It’s funny when I think about it because I can’t sing well at all and I’m not talented at playing an instrument – although I’ve tried several times. But, boy do I like to belt it out in the car.

Hearing a song can trigger a memory like wildfire – 90’s country takes me back to my first-grade self bouncing down a dirt road in Boerne, Texas. Early 2000’s reminds me of ringtones I had back when it was cool to have an entire song be a ringtone, hello Ciara 1-2-step and even a specific song will bring back memories both good and tough for me.

Worship music has been an incredible tool the Lord has used to speak to me, remind me of truth and to remain in his presence at times when all I wanted to do was run.

Today I wanted to share a playlist of a few of my favorite worship songs. These are songs that fill my house, car and heart right now.

Today, you might be in a spot where you have zero desire to be in his presence and I get that. I’ve been there. If you can stand it at all click play, and let these songs wash over you. Allow our sweet Jesus to use them to speak to you.



In His Presence Playlist

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